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Irish Surname - Blayney

Blayney is an Irish surname that originated in the north-east of Ireland, particularly in County Monaghan. The name is derived from the Irish language "Ó Flaitheamhnaigh" which means "descendant of Flaitheamhna" or "chief". Over time, the name was anglicized to Blayney.

The Blayney family held the title of Baron Blayney in the Peerage of Ireland from the 18th century until the early 20th century. The family was prominent in Irish politics and military service. Today, there are many people with the surname Blayney living in Ireland and around the world.

Famous People with surname Blayney

Variations of the surname Blayney

Blaney, Blainey, Blanney, Blanay, Blaeney, Bleaney, Bleaney, Bleinie, Bliney, Blinney

Blayney Coat of Arms

The Blayney coat of arms features a blue shield with a gold lion passant, and a silver chief with three black escallops. The crest features a silver greyhound sejant collared and leashed gold.

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