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Irish Surname - Carr

Origin of the Irish Surname Carr

The surname Carr is of Irish origin, with the majority of Carrs in Ireland coming from the western counties of Mayo and Sligo. The Carr family can be traced back to the medieval period, with records showing that they were a prominent family in County Donegal.

The name is derived from the Irish Gaelic word "carraig," meaning "rock" or "cliff," and likely originated as a topographic name for someone who lived near a prominent rock or cliff. The Carr surname has also been established in England and Scotland, with similar variations of the name found in those countries as well.

Famous People with surname Carr

Variations of the surname Carr

Carr Coat of Arms

The Coat of Arms for the Irish surname Carr features a shield divided into four quarters. The top left and bottom right quarters depict a gold lion on a red background, while the top right and bottom left quarters feature a silver or white background .

Carr Motto

The motto "In Deo Fidemus" means "In God We Trust"

Please Note

There is often limited information available on a specific coat of arms and motto for an Irish surname. Sometimes there are many variations, sometimes none, we have compiled a representative, but by no means exhaustive, selection. Please visit our Coat of Arms and Motto page for more information.

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