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Irish Surname - Cary

The Irish surname Cary and its variations have a few possible origins. One possibility is that it derives from the Gaelic word "caraidh," which means "friend" or "companion." Another possibility is that it comes from the Irish name "O'Caire," which means "descendant of Caire," a personal name meaning "swarthy" or "dark-haired." The surname is most commonly found in the northern province of Ulster.

Variations of the surname include Carey, Carie, Carri, Carrey, Carry, Carray, and Carragh.

Famous People with surname Cary

Variations of the surname Cary

Coat of Arms and Motto of the Irish Surname Cary

The coat of arms for the Cary family features a red shield with a gold chevron between three gold roses on the top and three blue estoiles (star-like symbols) on the bottom. Above the shield is a knight's helmet and a lion crest. The motto "Sine Metu" appears below the shield, which means "Without Fear" in Latin.

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