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Irish Surname - Deasy

The surname Deasy / Deacy (Déiseach in Irish) could be found in Ireland, in County Meath, as early as the 13th century where the Irish version of the name was Deis and may have derived from the barony of Deece in County Meath. Another district thought to have been associated with the origins of the surname is Decies (na Déisigh) in County Waterford. It is also found as Dacy and Dacey in the barony of Barrymore, in the 1659 census of Cork, while in the same year there is a record of O'Dacy in the barony of Corren, County Sligo.

The parochial register for Moycullen, County Galway, compiled by Fr Francis Xavier Blake in 1793, lists twelve families of Deasys in that parish.

Deasy's Quay in Clonakilty, County Cork is named after a family of Deasys who were successful sea-merchants and shipbuilders in the early part of the 19th century. The West Cork Regional Museum in Clonakilty has an entire section devoted to the history of the Deasy family, spanning four generations ending with Henry Hugh Peter Deasy, a noted explorer in Tibet at the end of the 19th century.

Famous People with the surname Deasy

William Daase (c.1750-1798) was a noted surgeon and medical writer.

Rickard Deasy (1812-1883), of the Cork family was Lord Justice of Appeal and author of 'Deasy's Act' which formed the basis of subsequent land reforms.

Waterford born Fine Gael politician Austin Deasy, who was Minister for Agriculture from 1982 -1987.

Alternate Surname Spellings for Deasy

Deacy, Deacey

The name Deasy is also common today in Counties Cork and Mayo.

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