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Irish Surname - Doris

Origin of the Surname Doris

The Irish surname Doris has its origins in the Gaelic name Ó Dubhruis, which is derived from the words "dubh," meaning black or dark, and "ros," meaning wood or forest. The family's original homeland is thought to have been in County Tyrone in Northern Ireland, but the name has since spread to other parts of the island and across the world, including the United States, Canada, and Australia.

Famous People with the Surname Doris

Caelan Doris is an Irish rugby union player who was born in Lacken, County Mayo. He plays as a back row forward, primarily as a number 8. Doris has represented Ireland at various age levels, including the Under-20s, and made his senior debut for the Irish national team in 2020.

He is known for his dynamic ball carrying, strong tackling, and leadership on the field. Doris has also played for Leinster Rugby since 2017, helping the team win multiple Pro14 titles and contributing to their success in European competitions.

Variations of the Surname Doris

Coat of Arms and Motto of the Irish Surname Doris

As with many Irish surnames, it is difficult to pinpoint a specific coat of arms or motto for Doris.

Please Note

There is often limited information available on a specific coat of arms and motto for an Irish surname. Sometimes there are many variations, sometimes none, we have compiled a representative, but by no means exhaustive, selection. Please visit our Coat of Arms and Motto page for more information.

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