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Ethnicity from your DNA

Ethnicity testing of your DNA can be interpreted slightly differently by the various companies that do this as can be seen from all the results below.

The test was carried out by AncestryDNA and the raw data downloaded from their site and then uploaded to Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) and MyHeritage websites. All three then did the calculations for Ethnicity.

See what you think and carry out the same experiment yourself

Family Tree DNA - Ethnicity

DNA origins

MyHeritage - Ethnicity

DNA origins

AncestryDNA - Ethnicity

DNA origins

AncestryDNA - Genetic Communities

A useful feature of AncestryDNA is Genetic Communities. Ethnicity shows ancestors from a few thousand years ago i.e. where your many ancestors originated. However Genetic Communities compares your DNA with other Ancestry members DNA and indicates where you both either live or lived in the recent past. You only show up in a genetic community if there are a sufficient number of DNA matches so as their database grows these results should get even better..

DNA origins

DNA And Your Irish Roots

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