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Irish Ancestry

The interest in family ancestry, including Irish ancestry, is on the increase annually. Worldwide, almost 75 million people have ancestors who originated in Ireland and, as a consequence, there has been a significant rise in the number of Irish descendants seeking to trace their Irish ancestry.

Irish Ancestors

Many people of Irish descent are interested in finding out more about their ancestors who left Ireland years ago or, indeed, continued to live there all their lives. However, most people who begin this research are not genealogists and, even with the ongoing development of the Internet, researching Irish Genealogy can often prove difficult. A substantial amount of the 19th century Irish census data has been lost or destroyed and, as there is no dedicated Genealogy Ireland centre, the information on Irish ancestry is very splintered.

Although there are quite a number of websites that provide information on Irish ancestry, there are still many records that are not easily accessible and take a good deal of effort to find. The ideal solution is a single resource that pulls all the information together into a structured and comprehensive step by step method for tracing your Irish roots.

Irish Genealogy Ancestry

Now, there is a 'one stop' approach for researching your roots in Ireland. Irish Genealogy Ancestry are Irish authors based in Ireland with extensive archived resources to find Irish ancestry. They have produced a package to save you time in researching your roots in Ireland.

The Irish Genealogy Ancestry package includes tutorials such as:

This package will help clarify the process of tracing Irish ancestry, even for people who are unfamiliar with the methods of doing so. It could save many hours of trying to trace suitable genealogy resources or a lot of money getting someone to do the research for you. With the Irish Genealogy Ancestry package you can begin your own search for your ancestors immediately.

DNA And Your Irish Roots