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Obtaining Irish Citizenship

Irish Citizenship can be obtained through:


Usually if you are born in Ireland of Irish parents you are entitled to claim Irish citizenship. However there are exceptions.


If your parents were not Irish Citizens, but one of your grandparents is an Irish Citizen, it should be possible to become an Irish Citizen. In this case you will need a copy of the birth cert for the grandparent.

Unfortunately you cannot claim Irish citizenship through relatives, other than parents or grandparents, so long lost cousins will be of little use in this area!


Live in Ireland long enough and you may be able to become an Irish Citizen through Naturalisation.


Foreign nationals married to an Irish citizen can become an Irish citizen, but again, there are certain conditions which must be fulfilled and the Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform is the finaly arbitrator on this.


If one member of a couple adopting a child is an Irish Citizen the adopted child should become an Irish Citizen also, however complications may arise if the child is adopted from outside Ireland.

Information can also be obtained from any Irish Embassy or Consulate.

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