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Irish Surname - Jenkins

Origin of the Irish surname Jenkins

The Irish surname Jenkins is derived from the given name John, which in turn originates from the Hebrew name יוֹחָנָן (Yochanan), meaning "Yahweh is gracious." The name Jenkins is formed by adding the diminutive suffix "-kin," indicating "little" or "son of," and the letter "s" to denote possession. Therefore, Jenkins can be interpreted as "son of little John" or "son of John's kin."

Although the surname Jenkins is more commonly associated with Welsh and English origins, it is also found in Ireland. In Ireland, the name is primarily associated with the counties of Antrim, Down, and Limerick. Jenkins families can also be found in other parts of the British Isles, the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

There are no specific statistics available for the prevalence of the surname Jenkins in Ireland, but it is considered a relatively common surname worldwide.

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Variations of the Irish Surname Jenkins

Coat of Arms and Motto of the Irish Surname Jenkins

There isn't a specific Coat of Arms and motto associated with the Irish surname Jenkins, as Coat of Arms are granted to individuals rather than surnames or families. However, several different Coat of Arms have been granted to individuals with the surname Jenkins throughout history in different locations.

As the surname Jenkins is primarily associated with Wales and England, many of the Coat of Arms granted to individuals with this surname are from those regions. Therefore, it is important to note that the Coat of Arms and mottoes associated with the Jenkins name may vary significantly depending on the family's specific lineage and history.

One example of a Coat of Arms associated with a Jenkins family features a black shield with three silver escallops (scallop shells) arranged in a diagonal line from the top left to the bottom right of the shield. Above the shield is a crest featuring a silver stag's head. This Coat of Arms is often associated with the Jenkins family of Glamorgan, Wales.

In general, mottos associated with various Jenkins families can also differ significantly. It is important to research the specific history and lineage of a Jenkins family to accurately determine the appropriate Coat of Arms and motto for that particular line.

Please Note

There is often limited information available on a specific coat of arms and motto for an Irish surname. Sometimes there are many variations, sometimes none, we have compiled a representative, but by no means exhaustive, selection. Please visit our Coat of Arms and Motto page for more information.

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