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Irish Surname - Kavanagh or Cavanagh

Origin of the Irish surname Kavanagh

The Irish surname Kavanagh, also spelled Cavanagh, originates from the Irish Gaelic name "Caomhánach," which means "descendant of Caomhán." The name Caomhán is derived from the word "caomh," meaning "gentle" or "beautiful." The Kavanagh family is closely associated with the historical region of Leinster, particularly County Carlow and County Wicklow in Ireland.

The Kavanaghs were an ancient Irish Gaelic clan who held considerable power and influence in the region. They were descendants of the high kings of Leinster and were known for their warrior prowess and leadership. Over time, the Kavanagh name spread beyond Leinster, and Kavanagh families can be found in various counties across Ireland and throughout the world due to emigration.

The surname Kavanagh is relatively common in Ireland, with a ranking of 70th most common surname in the country.

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Variations of the Irish Surname Kavanagh

Coat of Arms and Motto of the Irish Surname Kavanagh

The specific Coat of Arms and motto associated with the Irish surname Kavanagh can vary depending on the individual family history and lineage.

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There is often limited information available on a specific coat of arms and motto for an Irish surname. Sometimes there are many variations, sometimes none, we have compiled a representative, but by no means exhaustive, selection. Please visit our Coat of Arms and Motto page for more information.

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