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Irish Surname - Kilfoyle and Guilfoyle

Origin of the Surname Kilfoyle

The Irish surname Kilfoyle, along with its variant Guilfoyle, originates from the Gaelic Ó Giolla Phóil, meaning 'descendant of the devotee of St. Paul'. These surnames are traditionally associated with the provinces of Leinster and Munster, particularly in counties like Offaly and Tipperary. The transformation of the surname over centuries has resulted in various spellings, with Kilfoyle and Guilfoyle being among the most common in modern times. Both surnames are a testament to the families' ancient roots and their connection to Irish ecclesiastical heritage.

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Variations of the Surname Kilfoyle

Coat of Arms and Motto for Kilfoyle and Guilfoyle

The Kilfoyle and Guilfoyle families' coat of arms reflects their rich heritage, featuring symbols of resilience and faith. While specific designs may vary, a common theme includes the representation of strength and devotion, aligning with the meaning behind their Gaelic origins. The family motto, often associated with these surnames, emphasises loyalty and perseverance, virtues that have guided the Kilfoyles and Guilfoyles through generations.

Research indicates that the Kilfoyle and Guilfoyle surnames are connected, sharing a common ancestry. This connection underscores the fluid nature of surname spelling in historical records, which often changed due to phonetic spellings or clerical errors. Today, individuals bearing these names can be found around the world, contributing to various fields and continuing the legacy of their Irish roots.

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